Tuesday, May 8, 2012


*The main protagonists of their respective stories.
*Both lost their parents at a young age.
*They lived with and were raised by their relatives (Owen & Beru Lars/Bilbo Baggins) for most of their lives.
*Lead plain, simple, and peaceful lives before going on their grand adventures.
*Both have access to a great supernatural power (The Force/The One Ring), leading to them being similar to and following in the footsteps of a relative (Anakin Skywalker/Bilbo Baggins).
*They had to start their adventures when a crucial item in the enemy's plans got into their possession (R2-D2 with the Death Star Plans/The One Ring) and found themselves pursued by the forces of evil.
*Inheritors of blue shimmering blades from relatives (Anakin's lightsaber/Bilbo's sword Sting).
*Both have a scene where they scream "No" as they witness the death of an elderly friend/mentor (Obi-Wan Kenobi/Gandalf).
*At one point they both have to disguise themselves in enemy uniforms for safe passage within the enemies' domains (Stormtrooper outfit in the Death Star/Orc armor in Mordor) alongside a companion (Han Solo/Sam Gamgee).
*Both see visions of their friends in pain and torment when with a being of great power and wisdom (Yoda/Galadriel), spurring them into action.
*Both are tempted by the powers of darkness (The Dark Side/The One Ring).
*They both suffer heavy damage to one of their hands while on their journeys (Hand cut off by Vader/Fingers bit off by Gollum).
*Eventually both came to believe that their quest would be the end of them.
*Both come across a tragic antagonistic character who had been on the same path to darkness that these characters are on (Darth Vader whom was seduced by the Dark Side/Gollum who was corrupted by the power of the One Ring), and try to believe and maintain to those around them that they can be redeemed.
*In the final installments when the heores are in the heart of the enemy strongholds (Death Star II/Mount Doom) they battle the same two characters, and later it is the last minute intervention of theirs when the main protagonists seem ready to fail that in the end causes the destruction of the dark lords, but also killing themselves in the process (Vader saving Luke to destroy the Emperor when he pinned Luke down with Foce Lightning, but the lightning damaged Vader's suit, the only thing keeping him alive/Gollum tried to steal the Ring from Frodo when he was going to try and take it for himself, and in the following struggle Gollum and the Ring plummeted into the volcano).
*When at the final moment where they must decide whether or not to give in to the darkness (When he has Vader down after the lightsaber duel and has the choice to kill him/When he is holding the Ring over the lava of Mount Doom) they are being watched by another who goads them to make the decision they desire (Palpatine to kill Vader/Sam Gamgee to throw the Ring in), but both are shocked when these character choose the opposite choice. (The only striking difference between the two characters being that they make the opposite choices concerning whether or not to give in to darkness).

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